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Cheating Ex girlfriend

This blond bitch is my new Exgirlfriend, after 3 years of giving her the best of me she got drunk one night while out with the g.f’s picked up some dude and fucked him. I found out but before I dumped her ass and told her what I knew I decided to fuck her myself one last time it would be a fucking she would never forget, because I took a video of my hard cock slamming into that cheating bitch and decided to share it with all of you. And now I got REVENGE ON MY EXGIRLFRIEND.. Karma’s a bitch baby!

EX GIRLFRIENDS getting it on in the shower

This video proves that men aren’t being perverts when they fantasize about what women do when they go to the bathroom together. These girls had the entire house to themselves but lets just say that the bathroom was the only room they needed. She convinces her sexy EX GIRLFRIENDS to get wet and wild in her shower and the scene that she sets up turns out to become the ultimate lesbian orgy. They may have had their reservations at first, but once they get going, these girls put on a wild show in front of the camera. However, this group of sexy girls didn’t have a happy ending, In fact, they had a falling out that led our camera girl to submit this video. She wasn’t sure if any of the girls in the video would ever find out it was on GIRLFRIEND REVENGE, but once she got confirmation that her submission was accepted, and she got paid, well she said fuck it who gives a shit! that’s my kind of girl!

Hot Brunette ex girlfriend

The cute brunette in this week’s video has a tight body and a plump ass that you’re going to love. As you’ll see, the couple was excited to move in to there new place together but if you’ve ever moved before, you know how hard it is to unload and unpack an entire house full of shit. You can tell that this girl was beat, She just wanted to be done unpacking but when her boyfriend found the camera and started filming, she could tell he wasn’t going to stop until she gave it up. She agreed to give him a quickie if it would get him back to unpacking and it worked. He fucks her hard until he unloads all over her ass.

After that he had to get back to unloading all the stuff that was left in the truck. Turns out he might have been better off leaving everything right on that truck. He mentions that they didn’t even last the full year in the new place. She left him 5 months after moving in and he was stuck with a rent that he couldn’t afford and bunch of stuff to move again, only this time, he had to do it alone. It turned out well for him in the end, though. He got paid for submitting this amazing amateur video and now he can afford any apartment he wants.

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New Years Eve gone wild

Everyone has been to a New Year’s Eve party that got a little out of hand but we’re sure you’ll agree that the private party these girls were having got out of hand way before the camera started rolling. In fact, they got so wild that they needed to move the action to the girl’s bathroom in order to film this short but extremely sexy clip. Now we know what goes on in the girls bathroom at the bars!

The Girlfriends Revenge

This Weeks Submission Was Sent To Us By This Hot Little Latina Girl Who is Sick Of her Ex Boyfriend So She Made this Video Of Her Fucking His Best Friend at his house!!! This Ones Pretty Fucked up But I Gotta Tell You Its Fucking Hot!! The best part Is What Happens at the End Of The Video Her Bf Shows up With His Bat!!! Lets Just Say We Don’t know What happened to his Best Friend After the video end.


Girlfriends Revenge

This week’s submission is proof that every man’s fantasy is happening when girls go to the bathroom together. We know what motivated this girl to send in this video, but one thing is for sure, she has some smoking hot friends that pissed her off just enough for us to receive this incredible clip. It starts off with a lengthy stripping session and some great pussy eating in the restroom and then it moves on to the hot tub check it out.

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Ex Girlfriend Threesome

Here is something you don’t see everyday on the net, hot teen chicks having an all girl threesome. These girls decided to have a sleepover, you know the usual girl stuff do our hair, put on makeup paint our nails and sure why not try eating pussy. And since this was their maiden voyage they decided to put it all on video to capture their “first time”. One of the girls thought it would be a great idea to sell it and make some quick cash on the side, what she didn’t know was these hot babes would be stars and now you get to watch them eat pussy for the first time. And the poor girl who sent it in is now an “EX GIRLFRIEND” oh well sucks to be you but great to be us 🙂

Strip poker

Here is my sent in video of a little poker game I threw for a few friends. It started off with a few of my buddies getting together having a few drinks and playing some poker. A few other guys showed up with their g.f’s and the real fun began. We decided to have a game of strip poker that ended up me getting fucked by this other guys hot fucking blond g.f and another buddy gets a awesome blowjob while the 2 sluts b.f’s stand and watch. check out my video