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Cute Lesbian Ex girlfriends

Awesome Video Of A Cute Chick Masturbating For The Camera – Submitted By Her Lesbian Ex Girlfriend. These 2 cuties sure know how to have fun with the camera, watch them get into playing with their pussy. The Girls Next Door had a bi-week so she was ready to support her girlfriend in a little pre-game ritual. What a warm up! Get out your rain gear and head on in your going to need it, it’s gonna get real wet!

My Girlfriend and her Girlfriend get it on!

Ok so True story Yesterday was my b-day yes yes it was, and my beautiful girlfriend says she is gonna bring home dinner and a surprise so of course like the little kid in me I was excited because usually we just have dinner out or some drinks somewhere. So she comes home with chinese food and this hot looking girl I have never seen before, but apparently they are good friends from work. Now we have talked about doing a threesome but thats as far as it has ever gotten. Her friend goes in the living room and I of course follow my gf into the kitchen like a little puppy excited to see her. I ask her if the girl was my gift and she says “our” gift Im so damn horny now that I pop a bonner what can I say, she says put that away for now haha and she cracks out the wine and pours 3 glasses. We trot off to the living room again and we each have a glass of wine and begin to talk a bit. All the while of course my mind is racing to what might be later and I can’t help but to get hard .. damn cock has a mind of its own.

The girl (lets call her Taylor and my gf will be Melissa sorry can’t use real names) sees that I am fighting to regain control over my cock, So Taylor puts down her drink walks over to me and sits on my lap with her arms around me and starts kissing me and rubbing my cock through my pants, ok now its over and its gonna stay hard until one of them finishes it off! Next thing I know she is undoing my pants and pulling out my cock and starts giving me this amazing handjob, she looks over at Melissa (my g.f) and she says ok and then Melissa is sucking on my cock Omg the feeling of those warm lips over my hard cock was so intense especially with my gf watching her eyes were locked with mine. Well thats all that was needed before we were all naked and running for the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I wanted to fuck Taylor so bad but didn’t want Melissa to feel left out so I gave her pussy a little licking while I was fingering Taylor getting her warmed up for my now really hard cock. I told Melissa I loved her but I needed to stick my cock in Taylor and she said go for it thats why she is here. Thats all I needed to hear I grabbed Taylor and slid her underneath me and gently stuck my cock inside her, wow what a feeling I tried to start off slow but that didn’t happen her tight pussy just felt so damn good. Next thing I know Im on the bottom Taylor is ridding my cock and Melissa’s pussy is above my face and Im licking it like its a melting Ice cream.. My god to have one beautiful girl ridding your cock and the other above you was like heaven and pretty much all I could take, because the next thing I know my cock is exploding Taylor is moaning and thrashing and Melissa is screaming we all had a huge orgasm.

I have to say this is the best b-day I have ever had, I could go on and on about most of the night cause it didn’t end there and it hasn’t ended yet because right now as I write this both girls are fast asleep naked in my bed and I am going back there to fuck them both again.

So while I do that yeah I know your all haters 😛 you can watch this video of these three cute college girls getting it on and use your imagination of what I will be getting more of 😉

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Cute Chick Flashes titties in Bank

Well here is something you don’t hear about very often, this cute chick walks into a bank and flashes the security guard her nice perky little titties at the request of her bf. She is a little put off because it got her in trouble, but he has other plans for that camera. She starts off by giving him a handjob and then a blowjob while he is driving.. now there is an accident waiting to The action got a bit to much for him while driving so they pull over and he fucks her right in the front seat blowing his load all over her.

My Girlfriends First time doing Anal

This is Bob & Ella they say they are from Michigan but from the sounds of it perhaps Germany or somewhere out there? Oh well who gives a shit as long as we get to see pussy right? LOL this is Bob and Ella’s first home made video made with their Iphone and you can kinda tell it is, it is also their first time doing Anal ..if you like close ups of pussies getting pounded by a hard cock then your gonna luv this video. First they show him fucking her tight pussy but keep watching he will switch it up and shove it up that tight ass 😉

Stollen Videos of Bad girl Erica Langston

Stolen Nude Photos of Bad Girl Club’s Erica Langston Produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, The Bad Girls Club is the Oxygen Network’s highest rated series. The reality show gave the Oxygen Network its biggest ratings to date during the premier of Bad Girls Club 5: Miami. That’s where Erica Langston comes into the picture. Although all of the Bad Girls on the show were considered wild in their own way, it turns out that Erica had a wild side that nobody saw coming. Nick named The Trash Talking Cheerleader, Erica confirmed to TMZ that there is a sex tape of her in existence which also features her boyfriend and another Bad Girls Club cast member. Erica isn’t just a Bad Girl when it comes to being in front of the T.V. cameras 😉

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