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Guy Cheats on Girlfriend and videos it

Well here is a new spin on things This guy cheats on his girlfriend with a really cute blonde and video’s it. He sends it in to exgirlfriend revenge to make some cash I really hope his girlfriend doesn’t have a membership to this site..
The video starts off by showing this cute dirty little blonde sunbathing by the pool and cock teasing the guy, what man could resist that tight body. When the video cuts in to the bedroom scene well you will see just what a dirty blonde she really is as she sucks and fucks her way to stardom.

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There are a few regular contributors to the image archive at RevengeTV. Some of these guys do it because they want to prove their manhood, but a lot of them do it because they like to show off the pretty girls they sleep with. RevengeTV doesn’t care about the reason, just keep those dirty ex girlfriend galleries coming! Like Sonya! This eager and pretty sweetheart had no problem letting her boyfriend snap pictures of her naked. She even got up on the counter and flashed the camera some pink gash and obviously didn’t think about the consequences. What she didn’t realize was that her boyfriend is one of the contributors to RevengeTV, and he probably dumped her soon after he got what he was really after… crystal clear naked pics featuring his eager soon to be ex gf!

Nude Ex Girlfriend Pics

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French Hottie Is An Incredible Fuck

Ricky travels the world getting revenge on his bitch of an ex girlfriend by slamming all the gorgeous chicks he can find. He loves taking videos of them giving him oral sex and then sending them to RevengeTV. He knows that when these vid clips hit the net, soon even his ex girlfriend will see what his dick has been up to. We aren’t sure what his girlfriend did to him, but we love that he’s getting his sweet revenge. Just keep those videos coming Ricky! We especially love the French chicks that he has been pounding, just look at this gorgeous slut. She’s so horny for a fuck, spreading those round ass cheeks wide to show him her hole and then asking him to jizz on her tongue. Oh baby!

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