Hot GF fucks best friend and now is Ex Girlfriend

This Is My Girlfriend Natalia!! We Were Engaged To Be Married & i Found Out That Bitch Was Cheating On Me With My Best Friend!! I Was Throwing Away All her Shit When i Came Across Our old Sex Tape !! I wanted To Get Back At her So i Submitted it To GF REVENGE And Low And Behold They Actually Paid Me Good Money For it!!! The Last Thing i Did Was Call Her Parents & Sent Them A Copy As Well!! HAHAHA GOTCHA BITCH!!

I can see your girlfriend pisses you off by sleeping with your best friend sure lets put it on the net but man to send it to her parents…OUCH LOL Im guessing she is now an EX GIRLFRIEND and I hope he got rid of his best friend too because if he fucked one of your gf’s hes gonna fuck another what a douchebag with friends like that who needs enemies 😉

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Strip poker

Here is my sent in video of a little poker game I threw for a few friends. It started off with a few of my buddies getting together having a few drinks and playing some poker. A few other guys showed up with their g.f’s and the real fun began. We decided to have a game of strip poker that ended up me getting fucked by this other guys hot fucking blond g.f and another buddy gets a awesome blowjob while the 2 sluts b.f’s stand and watch. check out my video