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This is one of the reasons why you never ever video Yourslef masterbating and then send it off to your bf, because eventually he is going to become an ex and then your video ends up on the net, which is lucky for us because this chick has a hot banging body and one of the wettest pussies I have ever seen, makes my cock stand up and pay attention 🙂 .

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How to turn a guy on, show up with your hot girlfriend, strip down to thong and t-shirt and play video games.
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This blond bitch is my new Exgirlfriend, after 3 years of giving her the best of me she got drunk one night while out with the g.f’s picked up some dude and fucked him. I found out but before I dumped her ass and told her what I knew I decided to fuck her myself one last time it would be a fucking she would never forget, because I took a video of my hard cock slamming into that cheating bitch and decided to share it with all of you. And now I got REVENGE ON MY EXGIRLFRIEND.. Karma’s a bitch baby!

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This Is My Ex Girlfriend Jenny. She Was Cheating On Me Left & Right! My Friends Tried To Tell Me But Like An Asshole I Didn’t Believe Them.. Long story Short I Caught Her Banging Some Dude @ My Apartment!! I Sent The Bitch Packing But made Sure To Keep All The Dirt I Had On Her!! That’s How This Tape Came To Be & GfRevenge Allowed me To Get Some Closure By Posting Up This Video of Me Fucking The Shit Outta Her & i Also Got Some Sweet Money For The Whole Deal!!

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This Is My Girlfriend Natalia!! We Were Engaged To Be Married & i Found Out That Bitch Was Cheating On Me With My Best Friend!! I Was Throwing Away All her Shit When i Came Across Our old Sex Tape !! I wanted To Get Back At her So i Submitted it To GF REVENGE And Low And Behold They Actually Paid Me Good Money For it!!! The Last Thing i Did Was Call Her Parents & Sent Them A Copy As Well!! HAHAHA GOTCHA BITCH!!

I can see your girlfriend pisses you off by sleeping with your best friend sure lets put it on the net but man to send it to her parents…OUCH LOL Im guessing she is now an EX GIRLFRIEND and I hope he got rid of his best friend too because if he fucked one of your gf’s hes gonna fuck another what a douchebag with friends like that who needs enemies 😉

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My Ex Girlfriend decided to get out her video camera, set it up on the dresser, and slip into her sexiest lingerie. She was going to film her very own porn video, starring herself! With her sweet Pussy lips gaping open, she started to play with it, pulling her panties off to give a nice closeup while she fucked herself with two fingers. I was so hot for my g.f until I seen the message addressed to My Fucking mechanic! Now her ’s ex-gf revenge movie is part of the collection at RevengeTV!

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