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Three Hot College Girls In Skimpy Bikinis Hanging Out By The Pool, Just The Sound Of It Is Enough To Make Even The Most Uptight Guy Have To Take A Look. Watch As These Hot chicks Take Turns Giving Amazing Blow Jobs, Have Orgasmic Romps While Sharing A Cock, And Even Engage In Some hot, Pussy-Eating! This hot video Fulfills The Ultimate Fantasy: An All-Out Pool Orgy With Three Hot Girls. And Keep An Extra Careful Eye Out For The Hot Blonde. She Has Got An Ass That Could Make A Grown Man Cry And Sex Skills To Match It. She Gives And Outrageous BJ, Works That Sweet Booty For Us While Riding Some Serious Cock, And Even Takes A Hot Facial In This full video.


Hot Ex Girlfriend shares her room mate

Some guys have it all, a nice hot girlfriend to fuck who likes to share her super hot girlfriends with her b.f.
While getting a blowjob from his girlfriend, well ex girlfriend now, her room mate walks in sees whats going on when she gets invited to the party. She figures why the hell not it is college after all and this is where your suppose to have all your fun. The girls give the guy one hell of a blowjob and more 🙂

Ex girlfriend gets fucked on boat

It’s officially summer and all the hot babes are out in full swing. Most of us can only hope that we get to have as great a time on our holiday as this guy had on this day while boating and filming his sexy ex-girlfriend. He says that although she was wild in the sack, she was also really high maintenance so He broke up with her shortly after filming this video, but he had no problem submitting it to us for the weekly prize money. We hope everyone has an amazing weekend full of sunny, sex-filled days like this one and if you do, we also hope you film it and submit it to us on GFRevenge.com for some cold, hard cash.

EX GIRLFRIENDS getting it on in the shower

This video proves that men aren’t being perverts when they fantasize about what women do when they go to the bathroom together. These girls had the entire house to themselves but lets just say that the bathroom was the only room they needed. She convinces her sexy EX GIRLFRIENDS to get wet and wild in her shower and the scene that she sets up turns out to become the ultimate lesbian orgy. They may have had their reservations at first, but once they get going, these girls put on a wild show in front of the camera. However, this group of sexy girls didn’t have a happy ending, In fact, they had a falling out that led our camera girl to submit this video. She wasn’t sure if any of the girls in the video would ever find out it was on GIRLFRIEND REVENGE, but once she got confirmation that her submission was accepted, and she got paid, well she said fuck it who gives a shit! that’s my kind of girl!

Hot Brunette ex girlfriend

The cute brunette in this week’s video has a tight body and a plump ass that you’re going to love. As you’ll see, the couple was excited to move in to there new place together but if you’ve ever moved before, you know how hard it is to unload and unpack an entire house full of shit. You can tell that this girl was beat, She just wanted to be done unpacking but when her boyfriend found the camera and started filming, she could tell he wasn’t going to stop until she gave it up. She agreed to give him a quickie if it would get him back to unpacking and it worked. He fucks her hard until he unloads all over her ass.

After that he had to get back to unloading all the stuff that was left in the truck. Turns out he might have been better off leaving everything right on that truck. He mentions that they didn’t even last the full year in the new place. She left him 5 months after moving in and he was stuck with a rent that he couldn’t afford and bunch of stuff to move again, only this time, he had to do it alone. It turned out well for him in the end, though. He got paid for submitting this amazing amateur video and now he can afford any apartment he wants.

Cute girlfriend is shy around camera

In This Video, This at first shy beautiful blond Gets Fucked Long And Hard But Not Before Giving her Guy A Monster Blowjob That We’re Sure He’ll Never Forget. In Fact, this is all he has to remeber it by Because According To Him , She Walked Out One Day After they Had A Huge Fight. He says That She Was A Wild Girl To Begin With And She Spent Way Too Much Time Partying And Sleeping haha what 18 yr old doesn’t. He Never Saw Her After The Fight, But Luckily He Had This Wild Video To Remember Her By Now, He Has His Revenge And We Have One Of The Hottest Chicks In The GFRevenge Archive!

Ex Roommate Gets Punked

Ever had one of those roommates who thought they were just too good for everyone and everything? I had this roommate who thought she was the cats meow, never partied, always studying and really bitchy who could do no wrong just a stuck up bitch. I couldn’t have anyone in my room, lights out at 11 no parties OMG it drove me crazy. Then one day she was in the shower and left her cell phone on her desk just being a bit nosey I found out that she really wasn’t little miss perfect apparently she loved taking videos of herself naked and shit. Haha I stole one of her videos and sold it for some extra cash to pay for a new dorm room so I could get a new roommate who wasn’t so stuck up thanks for the video bitch!

Hot chick strips

Watch my GF!” Err… no, this beautiful hot babe is not my girlfriend or even ex-GFhow I wish she was, in more ways than one. Her pictures were taken by a perverted friend of mine and he’s the dude who stormed in my office , holding the pictures of his sizzling fuck buddy, and wanted me to feature her ’. He doesn’t even have to ask me for the twice or beg because this naughty bitch got in my blood the moment I saw her sprawled like a pussy cat, waiting to be petted. Damn, I wanted to grab those tiny tits with my mouth and tease those stiff nips with my tongue. Well, we all wanted to do that and some more, whether the bitch has huge or medium-sized or small tits, right? But it’s with how these sexy wild things showcase their goods that we always get that extra boost in our system and this particular amateur hottie gave me the same high like when I’m watching Playboy Bunnies onscreen. Yeah, she is that hot. I dunno about you, but she’s just right for my taste and I’m getting a lot of thumbs up as I write this down. Check out her nice ass and her clean shaven pussy. You’d just want to ride both and make her scream for more, eh? And she’s got that tat just below her belly button, which I can’t figure out, but it looks alright on her. Gave her extra brownie points and this will definitely give you all something to be more horny about. Knowing that she takes pain that way? That signals that we could go all hardcore with her in bed too. Visit WatchMyGF.com often so you’d see more photos of hot and wild chicks like her, maybe hotter the next time. You’ll never know what surprises await you so just keep clicking and we will give you more.

B.f & g.f Pawn their sex tape for new car

Kitten and her boyfriend are still dating and decided to sell their sex tapes for a new car, well isn’t that a new spin on things, and with the things this girl does I would keep her too if I was her b.f.. check out the video below of one of their sex sessions its really hot!

Ex Girlfriend Revenge Video

You may have seen this Ex Girlfriend Revenge Video floating around the net, it’s one of the most popular and shocking videos of it’s type. This now Ex gf and ex best friend get it on with some great fucking and sucking and then in walks the b.f with a bat, check out this video

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